Razom Ticket

Razom Ticket is an initiative with a mission to increase engagement in STEM disciplines among Ukrainian children. We strive to provide a head start for kids to the world of professional science, IT and entrepreneurship. (STEM is short-hand for science, technology, engineering and math.)

The first purpose of Razom Ticket is to provide assistance to students participating in STEM Olympics in schools throughout Ukraine. Such assistance includes, but is not limited to: purchasing train, and bus tickets (or providing other means of transportation) to and from the  competitions around the country as well as covering the lodging cost for students and their chaperons. Through this project, we will also provide all necessary school supplies, textbooks, and basic lab equipment for students and for the teachers who prepare the teams for the competitions.


Razom fulfills its mission by building, amplifying and partnering. And by building we mean sending funds and intellectual capital to Ukraine. In addition to sending intellectual capital to Ukraine, we can work towards growing that capital in Ukraine. By increasing engagement in STEM disciplines among Ukrainian children, we invest in the future intellectual potential of the country, and support the growth of an engaged middle class.
Our initial goal is to provide a monetary fund, where students and teachers can apply to cover the costs of tickets/supplies/etc for oblast-level and national STEM competitions. The money will not be given out to the individuals, instead Razom volunteers will purchase everything necessary ourselves and provide the materials to the grantees.
Once we succeed in our basic goals, then we plan to provide broader support for the students and teachers engaged in STEM competitions, thereby increasing the level of interest in science education. Some programs we hope to develop in the future include:

  • Summer camps where kids can receive hands-on experience in natural sciences
  • Trips to laboratories, hospitals and IT companies to help students make better career choices
  • Competitive coding marathons to increase student skills and engagement in IT
  • Visits and Q&A sessions with scientists and prominent members of the IT community
  • Seminars and webinars for STEM teachers who want to develop better teaching practices


1) Oblast Competitions

Fund tickets, lodging, supplies for 30 teams (6 people per team) at oblast-level STEM competitions ($4500).
Operational costs to cover logistics, management ($300).

TOTAL: $4,800

2) National Competitions

Fund tickets, food, accommodation, supplies, educational materials for 15 teams (6 people per team) at national-level STEM competitions ($11,700).
Operational costs to cover logistics, management ($500).

TOTAL: $12,200

3) General Expenses

Print flyers for distribution in Schools, Ed NGOs ($200)
Facebook Ads ($50)
Legal fees ($100)
Accounting fees ($150)
Program presentations in Ukraine ($2100)
Program presentations in the USA ($1070)
TOTAL: $3,670

TOTAL FUNDRAISING GOAL FOR 2018: $20,670 (Raised To Date: $15,851.00)


Nadia Shifrin
Project Manager

Lyuba Shipovich
Project Manager

Yelena Kadeykina

Pasha Gavrylenko
Tech Support, Communication

Nazar Lubchenko
Development Manager

Oleksii Sechkovskyi
Applications Processing

Misha Fomytskyi
Fundraising, Alumni Contacts

Slava Krayzbukh
Fundraising, Operations